FST² - FHIR Search and Transformation Tool

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GNU Public License
kostenlos / open source
Technische Voraussetzungen
Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows 11
Linux and Docker support in future releases


FST² - FHIR Search and Transformation Tool

FST² provides a GUI and alternatively a REST interface to run FHIR search queries.

The app acts as a web service that can be accessed via up-to-date web browsers or other REST enabled tools like Postman.

Using the app with a web browser

In Workstation mode (see the configuration section), after starting the server engine, the app automatically calls the start page of the app using the default web browser.

For opening the start page manually, point your web browser to

Use other port numbers, if they were changed in the config of your installation.

Fill in and adjust the query parameters. Query results are opened in separate browser tabs/windows.

Using the app via REST interface

Instead of using the app GUI via web browser, you may call the query interface of the app via REST calls. So you could integrate the app into a tool chain, for example to convert FHIR search query results to CSV format "on the fly".

Parameters for the REST calls have to be provided via POST method. See the README for a parameter list.

Das Produkt im Einsatz

FST² is used at production level by the Data Integration Center of the University of Leipzig Medical Center. It is provided here for usage by others, for example members of the Medical Informatics Initiative (MI-I). 

An early version was published on GitHub and SMITH GitLab already on 20. of June 2022. Usage of this early version by other users is unknown.


Support given by Data Integration Center / Datenintegrationszentrum (DIZ) Leipzig. Please contact DIZ@medizin.uni-leipzig.de


Contact page of the Data Integration Center Leipzig



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